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ACVENTICE Coaching Journey

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  • #coaching-journey
  • #coaching-journey #navigate #transition #change #coaching-contract
  • #coaching-journey #navigate #transition #change

get prepared

Discovery Session has the pivotal role

The discovery session serves as the foundation for our partnership, offering a unique opportunity to delve into your aspirations, challenges, and growth objectives. Together, we explore the coaching possibilities and embark on a journey of self-discovery and goal setting, paving the way for a meaningful and sustainable change.

  • coaching contract

get committed

coaching contract sets roles and responsibilities

The coaching contract is an essential element of the coaching process. It outlines the expectations, boundaries, and goals, ensuring a clear understanding between the coach and the client, and any other parties involved in the process. The contract establishes accountability and confidentiality and provides a structured framework for effective communication and progress tracking throughout the coaching journey.

  • coaching contract
  • coaching contract

get engaged

Coaching Sessions designed to bring the impact

Whether you have opted for an individual coaching program or personalized one-on-one coaching, every session is crafted to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and accomplishing your objectives. You have the freedom to select the topic of each coaching session. We do not impose specific tools, techniques, or resources based on a predetermined schedule; we will only use them if they would benefit your goal attainment or self-awareness.

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keep on track

Intermediate review to track the progress

An intermediate progress review serves as a checkpoint where, together, the coach and the client can reflect on achievements, identify obstacles, and refine the coaching plan. This proactive approach enhances accountability, promotes continuous improvement, and fosters a more effective coaching relationship. Additionally, it helps maintain momentum, promptly address challenges, and adapt strategies based on evolving circumstances. It’s a dynamic process that ensures the coaching journey remains tailored and effective.

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get to recognize

end coaching engagement and prepare for what lies ahead

The final stage of the coaching process involves evaluating the coaching engagement. However, it is not simply a matter of reaching the end of the last session and abruptly parting ways. Instead of relying on improvisation, the process of gaining autonomy, separating, and ending the coaching relationship should be approached with careful preparation. This significant and enlightening moment enables the client to recognize their accomplishments, solidify their newfound knowledge, and get ready for what lies ahead.